Charity Golf

The Rotary Club of Chester Golf Day is a Charity day and has organised for the last 15 years at a local golf club. The format has been teams of four of either men, ladies or mixed. Thanks to clubs providing the course free and sponsorship of the various tees, it has been possible to raise several thousands of pounds each year for Rotary charities.

Members of the Committee

Stan Skyrme (Chair)


Stan Skyrme

Chair, Charity Golf

Club Services

Details of this committee to follow

Members of the Committee

John McLintock  (Chair)


John McLintock

Chair, Club Services

Community Awards Committee


The Community Award fund is intended to assist small organisations and good causes from Chester and surrounding areas.  The fund distributes monies raised from the annual Raft Race.

More details on our awards fund page.



Members of the Committee

Heather Oldham (Chair)


Graham Proctor

Chair, Community Awards

Community Emergency Support

RE-Action (Rotary Emergency Action) was formed by a group of clubs in Districts 1180, 1050 and 1280 to help in the case of a serious local emergency such as a train crash or major fire. Rotarian volunteers can be called out at any time to give general non-skilled assistance at a local authority designated Emergency Rest Centre. Rotarians help by taking messages, reassuring, guiding or providing practical help such as providing refreshments.

Members of the Committee

Robert Adams (Chair)


Robert Adams

Chair, Community Emergency Support


We donate to the relief of distress abroad especially following disasters caused by earthquakes, floods, volcanic eruptions and outbreaks of diease in the most disadvantaged areas of the world. We also support sustainable lifestyle improvements in these areas by the provision of clean drinking water and better educational facilities

Members of the Committee

Alistair Jones Sumption (Chair)


Alistair Jones

Chair, International

Membership Appraisal

Members of the Committee

Harold Shaw (Chair)


Harold Shaw

Chair, Membership Appraisal

Raft Race

Members of the Committee

Brian Westcott (Chair)


Prof Simon Burtonshaw-Gunn

Prof Simon Burtonshaw-Gunn

Chair, Raft Race

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